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We do our best to make iHomework 2 easy to use. However, every once in awhile you might have a question and the answer isn't as obvious as we'd like. If you don't find your question and answer here you can use the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page to send us an email.

FAQ Table of Contents

How do I create an Account?

You can create an Account and purchase a subscription by using the iOS or macOS apps - which are free to download. On iOS, simply tap the Settings tab to start creating an Account. On macOS, click the Account -> Account Settings menu item to create or sign into an account.

I purchased a Premium Subscription but my account says it's expired. How do I fix my subscription status?

Unfortunately, this can occur while creating an account and purchasing a subscription through Apple's In-App Purchase flow. Please email Support with your account email address and the subscription type purchased. We'll ensure your account status is updated immediately.

What is the difference between an Assignment's due at and planned at dates?

The due at date of an Assignment is the date the Assignment must be turned in or submitted in order to not be considered late by your teacher. This date is typically provided either by your teacher at time of assignment or by your course syllabus.

The planned at date of an Assignment is used by the iHomework 2's Planner when sorting and displaying in progress Assignments. This date represents when you plan to working on this Assignment and should be earlier in time than the due date (no waiting until the last minute!). For example: if you have an Assignment due on Friday and you know it will take you 2 days to finish, you should plan on starting this work on Wednesday.

What is the Planner?

The Planner offers an alternative view into your in-progress Assignments. The default Assignment list is a great way to browse all of your work and is sorted by due dates; however, when actually working on an Assignment it's always better to start early. The Planner allows you to set the date and time you need to start working on an Assignment in order to get it done before the due date.

By default, the Planner only shows in-progress Assignments. If you wish to view completed Assignments, you can view the Assignment list or the Assignments section of a Course.

What is an Assignment's effort field?

The Assignment effort field is an estimation of how difficult an Assignment is relative to other Assignments. For example: if an Assignment will only take a few minutes to complete it is most likely a '1' effort. However, if an Assignment will take 4 hours to complete, it is most likely a '5'. Assignments that take a significant amount of effort might be better off split into multiple Assignments.

By default, iHomework 2 uses a Fibonacci sequence for effort values. Effort values are useful for planning purposes and more be more strictly enforced in future releases.

How do I add a calendar to iHomework Online?

iHomework Online currently only supports public Google Calendars. To make a calendar public:

  1. Sign into Google Calendar.
  2. On the calendar you want to share, click the More icon button (3 vertical dots) and choose "Settings and sharing".
  3. Scroll down to the "Access permissions" section and ensure that "Make available to Public" is checked.
  4. Scroll down to the "Integrate calendar" section.
  5. Copy your Calendar ID.
  6. Navigate to the Planner scene of iHomework Online and click Calendars.
  7. Click "Add Calendar" and paste the calendar ID copied in a previous step.
  8. Click Save.

Please note that when you make the calendar available to the public anyone can access your calendar. Support for more calendars will be added to iHomework Online soon!

How do I get crash logs and what do I do with them?

To help troubleshoot some bugs, the iHomework may need you to submit crash logs from your iOS or macOS device.

iOS Instructions (for iOS 11 and later)

  1. Navigate to your device Settings > Privacy > Analytics > Analytics Data.
  2. Scroll through this list to find iHomework rows. The list is alphabetical.
  3. Tap one of these events.
  4. Tap the share icon at the top right.
  5. Email it to

macOS Instructions

  1. Open the Finder.
  2. Click the "Go" menu bar item and choose "Library". You many have to hold down the option key when using the Go menu item in the Finder to open the Library folder.
  3. Navigate to the Logs/DiagnosticReports folder.
  4. Find files starting with iHomework.
  5. Email files to

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