Let iHomework 2 organize your school work so you can focus on getting it done

iHomework 2 is the perfect school organizer for any student. Whether on iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, iHomework 2 is always with you on the go.

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Introducing the Planner

No more procrastinating! The iHomework 2 Planner encourages you to start work early and not wait until the last minute. Organize and view Assignments on the day you hope to complete them - not just on the day they are due. Add your calendar events to get a full picture of what your week looks like.

Use Assignment effort to estimate just how difficult a task is to complete. Try and balance a day's work and keep your goals within reach.

Your Assignments organized the way you want

Record the Assignment details you need to stay ahead of the curve. Group and search Assignments by Tags or enter detailed notes so that you never turn in incomplete work. Set an Alarm to be notified in advance of an approaching deadline.

Tasks are a fantastic way to break down an Assignment into smaller, actionable items. Feel the satisfaction of checking off a Task and accomplishing your goals.

Get insights into your progress

Keep track of your grades as you complete Assignments. Customizable grading scales and grade weights allow you to represent your grades exactly how your teacher does.

As you progress through the semester, Grading Insights give you a high level picture of your progress. Grade Insights are presented in easy to digest graphs that give you a quick snapshot.

Manage Courses and Instructors

The Organizer is the portal to your course schedule and contacts. Have all of the Course information you need right in your pocket. Have a grading question? Quickly jump to your Course's website or check the attached syllabus without ever leaving iHomework 2.

Your Instructors are pretty awesome people. Why not give them a call or send a quick email? Just don't bother them too often!

Share Assignments from your iMessage conversations

With iHomework 2 for Messages, you can share Assignments directly with classmates without ever having to leave your chats.

Never miss an Assignment because of a sick day. A friend can send it to you right away -- along with all those poop emojis 💩.

Improving grades with the flick of a wrist

iHomework 2 for iOS includes an Apple Watch app and glance. Stay on track for a 4.0 GPA without ever having to take out your iPhone.

Go Premium. Be awesome.

Enjoy all of the benefits of iHomework by subscribing to iHomework 2 Premium. Easy access from any device and attend class knowing that your information is backed up and secure.

Subscribe for 1 year or 6 months. Renew or extend your subscription at any time. Premium subscriptions are a great way to contribute towards the future development of iHomework 2.

Stay Organized on Any Device

iHomework 2 is available on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and macOS. Download for iOS and macOS to seamlessly sync between all of your devices.

iHomework 2 is available on iOS, Apple Watch, and macOS

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